Top 10 Best Bird Feeder Poles Reviews


If you desire to watch the beautiful wild birds roam around your yard, and experience the bright color and sweet sounds they come along with, then you will require a bird feeder pole to position your bird feeder and make it noticeable to lure the birds.

The poles are in multiples to cater to your intentions. They vary in shape, design, form and size. You will attract the particular bird species not only because of the seed or nectar present but also the feeder height and location. That’s when you need a pole.

With multiple options, how do you settle on the best feed pole? Relax, we have prepared a comprehensive review for you. Read on to have a detailed understanding of the top bird feeder poles for 2020.

1Erva Super Tall Decorative Quad Hanger (The Best Height and Design Feeder Pole)

Erva Super Tall Decorative Quad Hanger Feeder Pole
The Erva tall decorative hanger is all that you need in your garden. It brings about a beautiful look while serving your purpose. Other than the beauty, the design allows you to hang it easily without struggle. If you need a strong and high-quality premium pole, then this is the way to go. Don’t forget it is made in the USA.

It measures 98 or 92 inches from the hanging point and fixing it is quite easy. This height is an advantage for the bigger and smaller high flying birds. Besides, the squirrels and cats will experience a hard time trying to access the feeder making it very secure.

• Proof from cats, squirrel, and other predators
• Warranty service and money-back guarantee
• Strong enough to resist external interference
• Setting it up is very easy
• Four hanging hooks for sturdy support

• A bit taller for short people when refilling
• A bit costly (but worth it)

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2AshmanOnline Black Shepherd Hook

Ashman Online Black Shepherd Hook

The 92 inches hanger with 15mm thickness is ideal for bird feeders, and at the same time, serve multiple outdoor living purposes. The affordable AshmanOnline black shepherd hook gives you the value of your money. The beautiful hook lasts without interference from predators or extreme weather.

The premium hook features quality steel, vintage look with high-level finishing, elegance design, and ideal height. If you need to enjoy seeing the birds feed on a well-supported and secure feeder, this is the option you need to contemplate on.

• Made of super quality steel
• Can withstand strong winds
• Ease to assemble
• Guaranteed warranty service
• Simple design

• Limited to only one hook

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3Gray Bunny Heavy Duty Deck Hook

Gray Bunny Heavy Duty Deck Hook
The first thing you will notice in this heavy-duty design is the design. The hook is made in a way that the bird feeder fits well to resist harsh weather. With a 37 inch pole and a slipping clamp with 2 inches, the Gray Bunny heavy duty deck hook works magic. Besides, it enables a complete rotation.

You will love the elegance, premium quality, and sturdiness that comes along with the top bird feeder poles. All this come at a very fair price. It will serve you long, and you’ll enjoy watching the wild birds. Another thing about this pole is its versatility, a feature that enables it to beat the competitors.

• Made of heavy-duty steel
• Rust resistant
• Ease to assemble
• Beautiful with simple design
• Rotates 360 degrees
• Lower price

• Some rodents may find their way to the feeder
• It can be messy

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4Yosager Premium Bird Feeding Kit (The Most Comprehensive Feeder Pole)

Yosager Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit
Yosager feeding kit is among the most comprehensive bird feeding stations. It is an all in one-stop for the birds. If you want to attract many birds in your garden, go for it. From the kit, birds will feed, take water and birth from the same spot. All this is done while assuring good support.

It features a 91″x 23″ station made of heavy material, five prongs and well-designed hooks. The different sections are held strongly by screws, so you don’t have to fear that they might fall. This makes the design outstanding. Besides, everything is in order without appearing overdone.

• Very comprehensive
• Guaranteed quality
• Beautiful with excellent design
• Has multiple hooks
• Cheaper cost

• Stops on the pole might attract other predators

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5Erva 5 Piece Feeder Pole Set

Erva 5 Piece Feeder Pole Set with Twist in Ground Socket
The pole set suits your heavy-duty purposes. At times, you want to give the bird feeders absolute support, and this set works in your favor. It consists of heavy materials. Besides, the look is excellent due to the powder-coated finishing. Don’t forget that it is made in the USA.

The set has the mounting flange, twist for grounding purposes, straight pole and a swaged pole. It allows support at 76 inches above the ground. This is enough for supporting the feeder. If you are a true bird enthusiast, this product is worth investing in, it will only cost you a few bucks.

• Rust-resistant thus no worry for weather changes
• Guaranteed firmness
• High quality
• Warranty and money-back guarantee
• Easy to assemble and install

• A bit expensive

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6Kettle Moraine Bird Feeder Pole (The Most Effective Squirrel-proof Feeder Pole)

Kettle Moraine Bird Feeder Pole
Have you been struggling with the squirrel, and you want a practical and efficient solution? Well, this squirrel proof pole will come in handy to save you from the nightmare. The two-arm pole comes with as a set, with baffle and in-ground twist socket. It also has strong tubular diameter poles.

The heavy-duty product is designed in a way that it restricts the squirrels from gaining access to the bird feeder. It has an inbuilt baffle that is very effective. Other than squirrels, tree rats will also have a hard time accessing the feeder. Its strength makes it rank among the top bird feeder poles that effectively withstand harsh conditions. It rises by 85 inches.

• Squirrel-proof
• No need to worry about weather changes
• High-end quality
• Has two hooks
• Easy to assemble

• Not tall enough

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7BEAU JARDIN Bird Feeder Pole

Beau Jardin Bird Feeder Pole
The 65 inches tall and half an inch thick pole does not just feed the lovely birds but also give your backyard that aesthetic look you’ve always wanted. A close look at the pole defines its usability. It is black, tall and with very effective garden shepherds hooks. These hooks appear to have an inner curve, giving you confidence in the hanging feeder.

Being a heavy-duty item, it serves your purpose. It is affordable and ready for use upon purchase. It feels good to know that you’ll not always be on the run to fix the feeder or trying to find alternatives. You don’t have to worry about rust; it will not happen. The black pole color will remain for years.

• No pole assembly needed
• Lifetime warranty guarantee
• Absolute sturdiness
• Sells at affordable price
• Excellent style
• Easy to fix on the ground

• Not tall enough
• Limited to one hook

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8AshmanOnline Feeder Pole for Outdoors (The Best Height Feeder Pole)

AshmanOnline Feeder Pole for Outdoors

The bird feeding station is ideal for your outdoor appearance and bird feeding. You will love the fact that it is 92 inches, making it one of the best feeder poles you will find. Many birds, especially the high flying birds, love playing with the lengthy pole. It is also very sturdy and well designed.

The quality of the pole cannot go unnoticed. You have a chance to get maximum money value because they will not break or rust. The sturdy support enables them to resist even that strong weather that seems destructive. If you’ve been looking for a product with premium length and quality, look no further, go ahead and make a purchase.

• Very strong
• Guaranteed firmness support
• Comes with a warranty
• Simple but excellent style
• Perfect height at 91 inches

• Limited to one hook

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9Home-X Multi Hook Feeder Pole

Home X Multi Hook Feeder Pole

Do you value flexibility? Well, there are many ways you can modify a feeder pole. For instance, you can adjust the hook, change their position or remove those you feel they are of no use. Not every feeder pole can do that. Home-X feeder poles enable you to achieve such moves. You are free to hang multiple feeders.

The pole comes along with a deck mount and two adjustable branches. These dock mounts clump the horizontal rails firmly at 2 inches thickness. The assembling will not take much of your time. Besides, you don’t need special tools. Although the design is of high quality, the cost still remains very affordable.

• Fast and easy to set up
• Guaranteed durability
• Weather-resistant steel
• Very sturdy
• Two hooks for bird feeders

• Not very tall

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10Stokes Select Bird Feeder Pole (The Most Affordable Feeder Pole)

Stokes Select Bird Feeder Pole

If you are looking for a design that you can easily mount on various positions to attract birds during the spring, then the Stokes Select bird feeder pole comes to your favor. It will not only attract the birds but also save you space. Besides, the hook design ensures the feeders hold firmly.

The pole is among the most affordable in our review list and top-rated for its donation to bird conservation habitats. We love the fact that you can fix the feeder pole any place you want. It doesn’t have to be far in your yard. Place it near your window and enjoy that bird’s morning view as you enjoy your coffee.

• Premium quality
• Constructed with waterproof metal
• Very affordable
• Easy to fix
• Reclined at 33 degrees allowing the birds to enjoy the pole

• Might bend due to strong storm

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Bird Feeder Pole Selection Tips

Bird Feeder Pole Selection

• Consider Pole Height

A bird feeder pole holds your hummingbird feeder at a height that’s discoverable by birds. It not just helps with visibility, but also prevents other rodents such as squirrels from eating the food. Therefore, if you are out there in the market for selecting a bird feeder pole, make sure it’s long enough and built to resist squirrels. The anti-squirrel mechanism incorporated in these poles is usually cylindrical or cone-like. Just make sure the pole is not too long, since refilling the feeder could then become a chore.

• Strength and Durability

The pole should be strong and durable enough to withstand the elements. Kindly note that quite a few hummingbird feeder poles do more than just hoisting the feeder. They can even be used to add planters, lamps, and pots. If you are planning to use your bird-feeding pole for different purposes, you just cannot overlook the pole’s strength. In other words, metal should always be your pole material of choice.

• Pole Design Matters Too

Also, consider the design of the pole. Most birdwatchers add a feeder to their gardens for more than just wanting to attract birds and feed them. They want the feeder and the pole to add to the beauty of their backyard or garden too. If the pole has a good design, it will look elegant doing all the multitasking you set it up for. And because of the great design, the pole would not stand out like a sore thumb when there are no birds around.

• Check Pole Load Capacity

Sturdiness and a metal build do not always mean the pole will suit your needs. Hummingbird feeder poles are usually made to withstand a maximum amount of weight or a certain number of feeders. Therefore, check the maximum load capacity of the pole and confirm whether they meet your specific requirements. As a rule of thumb, it’s recommended the pole should be able to hold at least three feeders. Even if you are not going to get multiple feeders on board, the additional capacity would offer necessary leverage or would support a feeder that’s heavier than normal. If you would like to have multiple feeders hoisted, you should steer clear of poles designed to withstand a single feeder only.

• Check Foundational Support

Underground support counts too. Low-cost poles usually get shoved into the ground by feet. As a result, they do not enter the soil deep enough. This lack of proper foundation means the pole would not be steady enough or will not put up with the winds to its truest potential. The lack of proper grounding also means the pole would not be able to hold more than two feeders simultaneously. The pole would tend to bend, wobble, or lean particularly when the feeders become heavier and larger.

The best quality poles usually come with a bottom-positioned auger. This auger lets you screw the pole into the ground, thereby serving as an excellent anchor. Generally, the auger drives the pole anywhere between 18 and 24 inches down inside the ground and provides great support.

• Easy to Assemble, and Packaging

The pole’s assembly should be simple and straightforward too. Also, circling back to the topic of strength, ensure the pole is welded properly so that it doesn’t bend with regular winds. Also, check whether the pole comes as a complete package. Not all do, so you need to be wary. The ones that do not are usually not bundled in with hooks for suet. Even if they have the hooks, there may be a hook or two missing. You usually need multiple suet hooks to assemble and install the pole.

Types of Bird Feeder Poles

Bird feeder poles can be categorized based on their build, functionality, diameter, and safety features.

• Build

Feeder poles are usually made of either wood or metal. The wooden poles look a lot more attractive based on the actual setup. But these are a bit stockier and not the easiest to install. Metal poles look as good as their wooden counterparts and are still easy to install.

• Functionality

If you want a simple pole, look for single-armed poles. If you’d like to have multiple feeders set up on a single pole, opt for multi-functioning poles. They would accommodate more than one feeder and maybe a bird bath as well.

• Safety

Some poles come built with certain deterrents that prevent raccoons or deer from accessing your feeders. To keep squirrels at bay, these poles usually come with a baffle that prevents the animal from scampering up the pole.

• Diameter

Certain poles have a diameter of less than an inch. These poles usually are more susceptible to bends. The sturdier poles usually have a diameter of more than two inches.

Top Bird Feeder Pole Brands

There are quite a few companies that make feeders, feeder poles, and several other bird-related products. However, only a few stand out for their product quality and the consistency at which they keep delivering great products. Some of the names worth mentioning are GrayBunny, Achla Designs, Squirrel Stopper, Green Esteem, Beau Jardin, Kettle Moraine, Erva, and Bird’s Choice. GrayBunny is one of the biggest names in the business, and its offerings are invariably part of any top ten list of products relating to birds and bird-feeding.

Average Feeder Pole Pricing

The pole prices can be all over the place. The price usually starts at a few dollars and goes up to the hundred-dollar mark or more than that. However, price doesn’t always mean the best quality. At the same time, do not expect a $20 pole to feel or function like a $100 pole. If the pole is expensive than normal, then it’s so not just due to the materials it’s made of but also due to the design and its various features. For instance, a feeder compatible with multiple feeders would pretty much always be expensive than a single feeder pole. If you are looking for a good quality pole, you should be willing to shell out somewhere close to under $100. If you are paying more than $100, you are most likely paying more for a minor increment in value.


• How tall should the pole be?

Bird feeder poles can be two feet tall, nine feet tall, or anything in between. The wider the pole’s diameter, the taller it usually would be. The actual height to opt for depends a lot on the exact place you’ll be installing the pole. The recommended pole height is five to six feet. This height should let the birds feed safely and freely, without having to be constantly wary about predators. The height also ensures refilling the feeder doesn’t turn into an ordeal.

• How do I prevent squirrels from climbing up my feeder pole?

There are primarily two ways to solve this squirrel conundrum. Getting a solid pole is the first thing to do. A strong, weather-resistant pole that comes with a baffle built in would annoy the squirrels to the hilt. Taller poles also discourage squirrels from even trying to climb the poll. The other thing to consider is the pole location. If the pole with the feeder is positioned right in the center of a large yard, it would become a lot more difficult for squirrels and other rodents to climb the pole and feast on the food. Generally, squirrels employ a fence or ledge to get anywhere close to a feeder. If the pole is positioned far away from these key areas, the chances of squirrels ransacking your feeder would come down drastically.

• How to hang bird feeders on a deck?

A bird feeder can be hanged on a tree branch, mounted to a window, hanged on a deck, etc. If you are considering hanging your feeder on a deck, make sure you buy a pole that has a natural bend or curve. Also, it need not be too tall since it’s already at a solid elevation.

• How to make a bird feeder pole of your own?

Building your own bird feeder pole is the cheapest way to own one. Since you are making it, you can also customize it to your liking. But then building a bird feeder pole is not exactly simple, particularly if you have not built one before. If you go ahead with the DIY plan, make sure you get metal pipes (preferably copper), welding equipment, an umbrella arm (to serve as the hook), and other necessary tools. Once you have the required equipment, start the building process. Ascertain the height of the pole and cut the pole accordingly. Then decide the number of limbs you want (if you don’t have the umbrella arm or want multiple feeder capacity). Once done, you may slide the different arms into the directions you want them to.

• What is a baffle for a bird feeder?

Squirrel baffles, as mentioned earlier, are used on bird feeders to mitigate the rodents from climbing up the feeder pole and accessing hummingbird food. These baffles are usually dome or cone-shaped.


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