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National Bird-Feeding Society Services

The National Bird-Feeding Society (NBFS) provides numerous services for companies, organizations, and individuals who are committed to our mission of making the backyard bird feeding experience better – for people and wild birds.

Below is a summary of the sponsorship and public outreach opportunities we provide, as well as the research and education services we offer.  We are happy to work on other projects not listed that meet your needs and enhance the bird feeding experience.  For more information, please contact the National Bird-Feeding Society at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Chickadee-on-Wire-FeederThe NBFS accepts sponsorships from national, regional, and local companies within the bird feeding industry and organizations who promote birds and bird feeding.  Sponsorships allow the NBFS to promote best bird-feeding practices and offer research and educational programs, most of which are free to the general public.  Our sponsors gain visibility for their role in the wild bird feeding hobby and their commitment to making it better.

Sponsors of the NBFS will have a link to their website listed under the NBFS sponsors section of our website.  In addition, sponsors can display the NBFS logo on their website, printed materials, and products; are provided with NBFS memberships; have access to our staff; and we will announce your sponsorship on our website and e-newsletter.

Seminars and Other Public Outreach

dr horn 3The NBFS is delighted to give presentations to your organization.  The seminars would discuss best bird-feeding practices including bird food and feeder preferences, tips for a better bird feeding experience, and bird safety.  We also attend birding events such as bird festivals, and provide assistance with developing bird feeding stations for schools, nature centers, and retirement communities.  Reimbursement for time, materials and expenses may be requested for some activities.

Promotions and Special Projects

The NBFS offers unique opportunities to educate the public about the joys of bird feeding and best bird-feeding practices.  The NBFS is the proud host and sponsor of National Bird-Feeding Month.  We are seeking sponsorships from organizations to promote the annual theme of the month.  In addition, we are seeking sponsors for the NBFS to develop educational campaigns to recruit and retain the next generation of people who feed birds.


Dr-Horn-and-Stacey-ResearchThe NBFS can help companies create innovative products that attract more birds and bird species, and create products based on price points of your buyers.  The NBFS can test bird feeding products to determine their effectiveness, and compare the success of products made by different companies.  The NBFS has the ability to analyze protein, fat, fiber, and moisture content of bird seed blends and seeds, and test for foreign substances including aflatoxins and noxious weeds.


The NBFS can create and review promotional material for your company.  This material can include review of printed material and website content, and development of private label materials including e-newsletters, brochures, and guides to better bird feeding.  The NBFS also develops white papers on emerging issues such as aflatoxins, avian flu, West Nile virus, noxious weeds, and banning bird feeding.

The NBFS Approach

The NBFS is dedicated to working with all stakeholders to enhance the bird feeding experience.  Our partners receive excellent quality research and educational materials at a lower cost.  Our approach to education and research is unique because our projects are staff managed and citizen scientist performed.  Using citizen scientists from the NBFS provides a national network of individuals to perform research.


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