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Pine Siskin

Bird Food Preferences

Black-oil sunflower, Nyjer®, and sunflower hearts

Bird Feeder Preferences

Tube, hopper, platform, and Nyjer®

Plants to Attract

Woody Plants: Alder, American larch, Australian gum, birch, Canada hemlock, elm, maple, northern white cedar, pine, spruce, and sweet gum; Non-woody Plants: Chickweed, ragweed, and sunflower


Pine Siskins are mainly found throughout Canada, southern Alaska, and the west coast of the United States in open coniferous or mixed coniferous-deciduous forests.  Pine Siskins can also be seen in woodland parks and suburban areas.  Pine Siskins are an irruptive species and can be unpredictable winter visitors throughout the United States and Canada.  They can be abundant one year and absent the next.  This behavior may be linked to the distribution and abundance of seeds that make up their diet.

Pine Siskins are on average five inches in length and weigh around 0.5 ounces.  Pine Siskins are dark brown overall with heavy streaking.  They have a slender pointed bill.  They have yellow and black bars on their wings with males having brighter yellow bars than females.  Some Pine Siskins tend to have less streaking and more yellow coloration.

Pine Siskins create shallow nests which are composed of twigs, grass, bark strips, and the nest is lined with fur, feathers, or thistle.  The female constantly incubates the eggs and only leaves the nest for brief periods of time.  The male feeds the female while she sits on the nest.

Similar Species

American Goldfinch and Common Redpoll


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