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Watching Birds and Bird Safety

The final element to attracting and enjoying backyard birds is to get close-up looks at your feathered friends and to keep wild birds safe.  To see birds up close, consider purchasing binoculars.  We also suggest getting a field guide to backyard birds.  Because the number of birds that frequent your yard is less than the total number of birds in your general region, consider a field guide that concentrates on backyard birds.

One of the best ways to keep birds safe is to consider where you want to place your feeders.  Bird feeders should be placed in locations where you will get the most enjoyment watching birds, while the birds are protected from predators and the elements.  In addition, you can avoid bird-window collisions by placing feeders within 3 feet of your window. 

To learn more about keeping wild birds safe, visit the NBFS Bird Safety page.

By providing appropriate bird feed, bird feeders, and bird accessories, and keeping your yard safe for wild birds, your time will be filled year-round with the sights and sounds of beautiful and always fascinating wild birds.  Happy National Bird-Feeding Month!


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