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Foods for Birds

The first step to a great bird feeding experience is to provide bird foods attractive to wild birds.

There are nine major seed types offered in most bird seed blends. These seed types are black-oil sunflower, cracked corn, sunflower hearts (also known as sunflower chips or hulled sunflower), Nyjer® (formerly known as thistle), striped sunflower, red milo, safflower, white proso millet, and whole peanuts (peanuts out of the shell and split in half).  Of the nine bird seed types, four are thought to be the most popular among birds that use bird feeders: black-oil sunflower, sunflower hearts, Nyjer®, and white proso millet. 

Other bird food offered at feeders includes suet, nectar, fruit, and mealworms.  Water is also an important component to your backyard feeding station. 

To learn more about the bird seed preferences of your favorite species, view the NBFS Bird Seed and Other Bird Food page.


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