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Member Benefits

Learn more about the great benefits the National Bird-Feeding Society has to offer its members.  If you would like to join the Society, become a member of our flock today - it's free!

E-Newsletters and Bulletins

the backyard bird bulletin"The Backyard Bird Feeder" is a bimonthly electronic newsletter full of tips, tales and tactics about backyard wild birds and "The Backyard Bird Bulletin" is a timely electronic bulletin with the latest news and events on wild bird feeding.  Members also have access to past editions of the newsletters and bulletins.  Check out a past issue of “The Backyard Bird Feeder” and “The Backyard Bulletin.”

Photo Gallery and Bird Feeding Videos

National Bird-Feeding Society members can share their bird feeding experiences with others by posting their favorite photographs to the Backyard Bird Photo Gallery and submiting their bird feeding videos.  View pictures from our members at the Backyard Bird Photo Gallery or watch a video of one of our members feeding a Western Scrub-Jay by hand.

Backyard Bird Chat

american goldfinch at feederThe Backyard Bird Chat allows members to communicate with one another about wild birds, bird feeding, and observing nature found in their backyard.  View the excerpt Attracting American Goldfinches from the Backyard Bird Chat.


National Bird-Feeding Society members have opportunities to participate in scientific research on wild bird feeding.  The Society has assisted in studies on bird seed preferences and Evening Grosbeak subspecies.  For the bird seed preference study, participants received free bird feeders, bird seed, poles, and squirrel baffles and in exchange, were responsible for recording the number of birds visiting their feeders.  For the Evening Grosbeak study, individuals who regularly had Evening Grosbeaks at their bird feeders were needed.


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