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Plants to Attract Wild Birds

Songbirds can be attracted to your yard by a diverse group of woody and non-woody plants and play an important role in seed dispersal.  Below is a listing of plants that attract wild birds.  Check with your local botanical garden or garden center before planting to make sure the plants are native to your locale and will grow well in your area.

Printer-friendly versions of Plants to Attract Wild Birds: Eastern Version or Western Version.

American Goldfinch

american goldfinch profileWoody Plants: Alder, birch, cedar, and elm
Non-woody Plants: Annuals

American Robin

american robin profileWoody Plants: Dogwood, honeysuckle, juniper, and mulberry
Non-woody Plants:

Baltimore Oriole

baltimore oriole profileWoody Plants: Cherry, mulberry, and raspberry
Non-woody Plants:

Black-capped Chickadee

black-capped chickadee profileWoody Plants: Bayberry, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, honeysuckle, and tulip tree
Non-woody Plants: Goldenrod and ragweed

Black-headed Grosbeak

black-headed grosbeak  profileWoody Plants: Apricot, blackberry, cherry, crab apple, elderberry, fig, juneberry, mulberry, and prune
Non-woody Plants: Alfilaria, bur clover, catchfly, chickweed, cranesbill, dock, milk thistle, pigweed, red maids, smartweed, and strawberry

Blue Jay

blue jay profileWoody Plants: Beech, chestnut, hazelnut, hickory, and oak
Non-woody Plants:

Carolina Chickadee

carolina chickadee profileWoody Plants: Blackberry, blueberry, honeysuckle, mulberry, pine, redbud, and Virginia creeper
Non-woody Plants: Ragweed

Carolina Wren

carolina wren profileWoody Plants: Bayberry, oak, sumac, and sweet gum
Non-woody Plants: Smartweed

Chipping Sparrow

chipping sparrow profileWoody Plants: Cherry
Non-woody Plants: Chickweed, clovers, crabgrass, euphorbias, knotweed, lamb’s quarter, pigweed, poverty weed, purslane, ragweed, wood sorrel, and yellow foxtail

Dark-eyed Junco

dark-eyed junco profileWoody Plants:
Non-woody Plants:
Alfilaria, chickweed, crabgrass, knotweed, lamb’s quarters, pigweed, ragweed, sorrel, and timothy

Downy Woodpecker

downy woodpecker profileWoody Plants: Mulberry
Non-woody Plants:

Eastern Bluebird

eastern bluebird profileWoody Plants: Smooth sumac and sumac
Non-woody Plants: Mistletoe

Eastern Towhee

eastern towhee profileWoody Plants: Blackberry, blueberry, and oak
Non-woody Plants: Ragweed and smartweed

Evening Grosbeak

evening grosbeak profileWoody Plants: Apple, ash, aspen, birch, box elder, cherry, crabapple, elm, hawthorn, juniper, maple, oak, pine, Russian olive, tulip poplar, and willow
Non-woody Plants: Dock, goosefoot, and snowberry

House Finch

house finch profileWoody Plants: Apricot, blackberry, cherry, fig, peach, pear, and plum
Non-woody Plants: Alfilaria, amaranth, black mustard, knotweed, napa thistle, strawberry, turkey mullein, and wild mustard

House Sparrow

house sparrow profileWoody Plants:
Non-woody Plants:
Bristlegrass, crabgrass, knotweed, and ragweed

Indigo Bunting

indigo bunting profileWoody Plants: Blackberry, blueberry, elderberry
Non-woody Plants: Beggarweed, big bluestem, crimson clover, elephant grass, goldenrod, indigo, Johnson grass, rattlebox, strawberry, thistle, turkey bluestem, and vetch

Mountain Chickadee

mountain chickadee profileWoody Plants: Colorado pinyon and lodgepole pine
Non-woody Plants:

Mourning Dove

mourning dove profileWoody Plants: Pine
Non-woody Plants: Amaranth, goosefoot, pokeweed, poppies, purslane, ragweed, saltbush, smartweed, spurges, and sunflower

Northern Cardinal

northern cardinal profileWoody Plants: Blackberry, dogwood, grape, hackberry, mulberry, sumac, and tulip
Non-woody Plants: Bristle grass, knotweed, panic grass, sedge, smartweed, and vervain

Northern Flicker

northern flicker profileWoody Plants: Bayberry, blackberry, dogwood, frost grape, hackberry, raspberry, smooth sumac, sour gum, sumac, and wild black cherry
Non-woody Plants:

Pine Siskin

pine siskin profileWoody Plants: Alder, American larch, Australian gum, birch, Canada hemlock, elm, maple, northern white cedar, pine, spruce, and sweet gum
Non-woody Plants: Chickweed, ragweed, and sunflower

Purple Finch

purple finch profileWoody Plants: Ash, beech, blackberry, black birch, buck bush, cocklebur, coralberry, cotoneaster, crab apple, dogwood, elm, firethorn, grape, juneberry, juniper, hackberry, honeysuckle, hophornbeam, hornbeam, maple, mountain ash, serviceberry, silverleaf, sweet gum, raspberry, red cedar, sumac, sycamore, and tulip tree
Non-woody Plants: Chickweed, goosefoot, pigweed, ragweed, strawberry, and wild radish

Red-bellied Woodpecker

red-bellied woodpecker profileWoody Plants: Flamboyant tree, pin oak, slash pine, and sugar maple
Non-woody Plants:

Red-breasted Nuthatch

red-breasted nuthatch profileWoody Plants: Conifers and sedges
Non-woody Plants:

Red-winged Blackbird

red-winged blackbird profileWoody Plants: Cocklebur
Non-woody Plants: Ragweed and sunflower

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

rose-breasted grosbeak profileWoody Plants: Blackberry, elderberry, mulberry, raspberry, and red-berried elder
Non-woody Plants: Foxtail, milkweed, peas, pigweed, smartweed, and sunflower

Spotted Towhee

spotted towhee profileWoody Plants: Blackberry, cherry, coffeeberry, elder, gooseberry, honeysuckle, madrone, manzanita, oak, raspberry, sumac, and toyon
Non-woody Plants: Amaranth, chickweed, dock, miner’s lettuce, redberry, smartweed, snowberry, tarweed, and thistle

Tufted Titmouse

tufted titmouse profileWoody Plants: Hickory, sweet gum, and white oak
Non-woody Plants: Sunflower

Western Scrub-Jay

western scrub-jay profileWoody Plants: Cherry, elderberry, juniper, oak, and prune
Non-woody Plants:

White-breasted Nuthatch

white-breasted nuthatch profileWoody Plants: Hawthorn, oak, and ponderosa pine
Non-woody Plants: Sunflower

White-crowned Sparrow

white-crowned sparrow profileWoody Plants: Blackberry and elderberry
Non-woody Plants:


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