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Mountain Bluebird

Bird Food Preferences

Fruit and mealworms

Bird Feeder Preferences

Fruit and mealworm

Bird House Specifications

Mountain Bluebirds use nest boxes.  Check out the Bird House Dimensions page to learn how to build a bird house specifically for Mountain Bluebirds.

Plants to Attract

Woody Plants: Cedar, elderberry, hackberry, sumac, and Virginia creeper; Non-woody Plants: Mistletoe


Mountain Bluebirds are found year round in the southwest states and parts of Mexico.  During the breeding season, Mountain Bluebirds can be seen north in Canada and Alaska.  Mountain Bluebirds can be found in open areas of prairies or agricultural lands.

On average, the Mountain Bluebird is seven inches in length and weighs one ounce.  The Mountain Bluebird male's head, body, wings, and tail are sky blue, which turn brownish blue in the winter months.  The males belly is white.  The Mountain Bluebird female's head and back are bluish gray and its wings and tail are pale sky blue.  Some females tend to be browner than others.

Little information is known about the Mountain Bluebird's natural nest requirements because most studies have been conducted on Mountain Bluebirds in bird houses.  Nesting sites are in trees, snags or nest boxes.  The female Mountain Bluebird is the only one to construct the nest, which is made of grasses and lined with soft bark, hair, and feathers.

Similar Species

Eastern Bluebird and Western Bluebird


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