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House Sparrow

Bird Food Preferences

White proso millet

Bird Feeder Preferences

Tube, hopper, and platform


House Sparrows are one of the most common birds in North America.  They are found year round throughout most of North America except Alaska and northern Canada.  They prefer habitats that have been modified by humans such as cities, towns, farms, and parks.

House Sparrows are on average six inches in length and weigh one ounce.  Males have reddish-brown upperparts with white checks and gray heads.  They have black throats and bibs.  Females are overall gray-brown with darker brown wings and tail.

House Sparrows build their nests in manmade structures including buildings, overhangs, and street lights.  The nest is constructed of dried vegetation and lined with finer materials such as feathers.  House Sparrows will reuse their nests.  They will also use bird houses that are usually intended for other species of birds (e.g., Eastern Bluebird).

Similar Species

Eurasian Tree Sparrow, House Finch (female), and White-crowned Sparrow


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