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Bullock's Oriole

Bird Food Preferences

Fruit and nectar

Bird Feeder Preferences

Fruit and nectar

Plants to Attract

Woody Plants: blackberry, cherry, juneberry, fig, mulberry, raspberry


During the nesting season, the Bullock's Oriole can be found in open woodland areas from the western plains to the Pacific coast, and from the Canadian border to northern Mexico.  The Bullock's Oriole spends the winter months in Mexico and Central America.

Bullock’s Orioles are around six inches in length and weigh a little more than one ounce.  The male Bullock's Oriole has gold plumage on his underparts, over much of his face, and under his tail.  He has a black cap, back, and shoulders.  His wings are black with a large white patch.  The female's plumage is much more muted in grays and browns, but she retains a pale golden color on her head and tail.

The female creates a hanging nest in an isolated tree which can take up to 15 days.  She makes the nest with grasses, hair, and other natural fibers.

Similar Species

Baltimore Oriole, Hooded Oriole, Orchard Oriole, and Scott's Oriole


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