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Conservation & Education

The NBFS proudly promotes conservation and education initiatives that raise awareness of and protect wild birds.

Activities for Children

tufted titmouseThe NBFS has developed many activities for children to learn more about birds.

Activities for Educators

The NBFS provides educators with bird feeding activities for their students.

Bird Feeding Beyond the Backyard

Take your bird feeding hobby to the next level by protecting bird habitat, and exploring the parks in your area.

Bird Safety Beyond the Backyard

Discover topics that impact wild bird populations in your area.

The Business of Bird Feeding

BirdStars.orgLearn more about the inner workings of the $3.8 billion wild bird feeding industry.

Bird Conservation & Education Organizations

Learn more about organizations that are protecting wild birds and educating people about birds.


The NBFS is an inaugural member of BirdStars.org, a consortium of leading bird organizations renowned for their expertise and comprehensive information about wild birds.



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