The 5th Annual
Bird's-Eye View
Photography Competition
Deadline is November 17, 2000.

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Enter the competition as often as you like, in any or all of the categories listed below. (No Polaroids or e-mails, please.)

Categories are:
1. Birds at Feeders
2. Non-Bird Visitors
3. Birds & Water
4. Bird Families
5. Funniest Scene

The Society will award bird feeders, generously donated by OPUS, to one winner in each category as selected by a panel of judges. Entries will be judged on quality of image as well as subject matter.

Each photo must be labeled on the back with:
1. Category entered
2. Bird identification
3. Your name and member number

All materials become the property of the National Bird-Feeding Society. You must be a member to enter the competition.

Mail to: PO Box 23 Northbrook IL 60065


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