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Prevent Bird-Window Collisions

If you inhabit a home or office long enough, you will experience an unmistakable sound – a “thud!” – the sound that signals that a bird has crashed into one of your windows.  Many of these collisions are not fatal, and the bird, after a period of disorientation, is able to fly away.  Unfortunately, far too many collisions end with a dead bird.  

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houseThe Facts: Bird-window collisions are a substantial source of human-caused avian mortality.  In North America, between 100 million and 1 billion birds die annually after colliding with windows.  On average, 1 to 10 birds die per building per year.  Window strikes are not limited to a specific type of building, to a particular type of window, or to a certain time of year.  Collisions are not limited to a certain suite of birds or to birds of a certain age or sex. 

How Collisions Occur: Birds may not recognize glass as a reflective barrier, and they may attempt to fly to the habitat that is being reflected.  Birds may not be able to recognize a corridor of windows as a barrier either.  For example, birds may see through the sides of a bay window or see through glass corridors, and attempt to fly to the other side.  Finally, during the breeding season, territorial males may see their reflection in the glass and repeatedly attack the perceived intruder.   

dead bird 2What You Can Do: Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to reduce the number of daytime bird-window collisions.  Studies have found that moving bird feeders to within three feet of a window eliminates the number of fatal collisions observed as a result of bird-feeding activities.  You might also consider installing a window feeder.  Bird decals, window films, and reflective tapes can also reduce the number of window strikes.  A single decal on a large window may have limited benefit, so several decals will be necessary to cover a large window. 


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