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Provide Appropriate Bird Food

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Extensive research has been conducted on the federally threatened Florida Scrub-Jay.  The Florida Scrub-Jay lives in the central part of Florida, and several studies have examined how bird feeding influences the breeding biology of jays.  On the one hand, supplemental food influences timing of breeding, with birds consuming high-quality, supplemental foods breeding earlier and having larger clutches than those without it.  On the other hand, not all human-provided food is of high quality.  When poor-quality, human-provided food is available to scrub jays, and natural food is scarce, jays will provide more poor-quality food to their nestlings, negatively influencing reproductive success.  The National Bird-Feeding Society does not recommend feeding birds poor-quality food such as junk food.  The best bird feeding experience for both people and wild birds involves providing birds with high-quality bird food in appropriate bird feeders.  To learn more about preferred bird food and bird feeders, visit our Best Backyard Bird-Feeding Practices page. 


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