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Bird Safety

It is important to provide a safe and clean environment for wild birds in your yard. A bird-friendly backyard is one that keeps outdoor cats away from areas heavily used by birds, reduces bird-window collisions, limits chemical applications and keeps bird food safe and bird feeders clean.

Outdoor Cats and Birds

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Outdoor cats may be responsible for the death of hundreds of millions of birds each year.  Learn ways you can reduce cat predation at your bird feeders.

Reducing Bird-Window Collisions

Window strikes are the second leading cause of avian mortality behind habitat loss.  Learn more about birds colliding with windows and what you can do to reduce the number of strikes.

Keeping Birds Safe and Bird Feeders Clean

There are several ways to keep your bird feeding station clean, and the birds visiting your feeders safe.  Reduce the risk of disease at your bird feeders by following these five simple steps.

Banning Bird Feeding

While bird feeding has numerous positive benefits, some entities have attempted to ban bird feeding.  Learn more about the best practices to reduce the potential negative effects of bird feeding.


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