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Bird Feeding Accessories

Bird feeding accessories help mount your bird feeders and help prevent squirrels from using your bird feeders. 

Putting Up Your Bird Feeder

Bird feeders can be installed several ways including hanging them from a branch or shepherd's hook, mounting on a pole, or clamping to a deck.  Some bird feeders can even be window mounted.

When selecting the appropriate mount for your bird feeder consider where the feeder will be located relative to the wind.  Bird feeders that are pole-mounted are less likely to sway than feeders that are hung.  Swinging bird feeders can result in greater bird seed loss, exposure to inclement weather, and ultimately, fewer bird visits.

Reducing Squirrel Visits

For those who don’t want squirrels eating the seed at their bird feeders there are many ways to reduce squirrel visits.  One of the best ways to reduce the number of squirrels visiting your bird feeders is the use of a squirrel baffle.  Squirrel baffles are metal cylinders closed at one end that are mounted on a pole or shepherd's hook.  The top of the squirrel baffle should not be above the base of a hanging feeder.  In addition, feeders with baffles should be placed in areas where squirrels cannot jump on to the feeders.

There are also bird feeders that are designed to stop squirrels including weight-balanced feeders and cage-guarded feeders.  In weight-balanced bird feeders, the perching platform drops down preventing squirrels or heavier birds from feeding.  Cage-guarded bird feeders are encased in a wire mesh cage.  The cage-guarded feeders not only can reduce squirrel visits, but also reduce the number of visits from larger birds. 

Many people feed both birds and other wildlife, read more about feeding squirrels.



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