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Wild Bird Feeder Preferences

The NBFS is pleased to provide you with wild bird feeder preference charts for eastern and western North America.  Use the charts below to help attract birds you want to your yard.

Preferred Bird Feeders

hopper and tube feederWhile there are numerous types of bird feeders, all bird feeders are not equally attractive to wild birds.  Smaller bird species such as chickadees and finches may be found at all types of feeders.  Larger birds such as woodpeckers and grosbeaks may prefer hopper and platform feeders over smaller tubular feeders.

Some species are not attracted to traditional tube, hopper, and platform feeders, but do visit feeders offering alternative bird foods.  For example, to attract bluebirds and wrens use a mealworm feeder, and to attract hummingbirds and orioles put up a nectar feeder.

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