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Tube Feeders

Tube feeders are attractive to small-bodied birds, as their small perches and seed ports make it difficult for larger-bodied birds to perch or access the bird seed.  Tube feeders are long, slender containers, and come in several sizes. 

Basic tubes have seed ports large enough to accommodate sunflower seeds.  Another type of tube feeder has smaller ports and is only able to dispense Nyjer® seed or sunflower hearts.  Other types of tube feeders are specifically designed for goldfinches as the perches are above the feeding ports and require goldfinches to feed upside down.  Some models attach two or three tubes together, allowing more birds to feed and providing several types of seed simultaneously.

When selecting a tubular feeder, ask these questions:  How sturdy is the plastic that makes up the tube – Will a squirrel be able to chew through it?  How accessible is the feeder port for the birds?  Also consider how many perches the feeder has, and the size of the tube.  The greater the number of perches, the greater the number of bird visits.


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