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Home Best Backyard Bird-Feeding Practices
Bird Safety

It is important to provide a safe and clean environment for wild birds in your yard. A bird-friendly backyard is one that keeps outdoor cats away from areas heavily used by birds, reduces bird-window collisions, limits chemical applications and keeps bird food safe and bird feeders clean.

Outdoor Cats and Birds

Outdoor cats may be responsible for the death of hundreds of millions of birds each year. By ensuring that cats are not able to access bird feeders, bird baths, and other heavily used resources, outdoor cats will have less of an impact on wild birds.

Reducing Window Collisions

On average, 1 to 10 birds die in window collisions per building per year. One way you can reduce the number of window strikes is by moving bird feeders to within 3 feet of your window. Moving feeders close to windows will protect the birds and give you a birds-eye view of your feathered friends.

Prevent Bird-Window Collisions
Learn more about birds colliding with windows and what you can do to reduce the number of collisions.

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Keeping Bird Food Safe and Bird Feeders Clean

Keep bird seed stored in a clean, dry container with a secure lid that will keep animals out and always remove moldy seed. In order to reduce the possibility of spreading disease between wild birds, it is important to keep your bird feeders clean. It is recommended that cleaning take place once a month. You can disinfect your feeders and birdbaths by scrubbing them with a 10% solution of bleach and warm water, and some bird feeders are dishwasher safe. After washing, make sure to rinse your feeders and birdbaths several times and allow them to dry before refilling with bird seed or water. Periodically, rake the seed hulls below the feeders to prevent hulls from building up.

Prevent Disease at Your Bird Feeders
Reduce the risk of disease at your bird feeders by following these five simple steps