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Home Best Backyard Bird-Feeding Practices
Best Backyard Bird-Feeding Practices

The NBFS serves as the ultimate resource for people just getting started in the rewarding activity of wild bird feeding and for those who have been feeding their feathered friends for many years. In order to create a bird-friendly environment on your property, you should provide bird seed and other bird food, bird feeders, and habitat. Here you will find the basic ingredients that when mixed together will create a recipe for a successful backyard bird feeding and habitat program.

Top Ten Bird Feeding Tips

Wild Bird
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Looking for a great bird feeding experience?  Start with these simple ten steps.

Bird Seed and Other Bird Food

Discover the essential ingredients of a successful feeding program.

Bird Feeders

Explore the feeder types that will attract a wide range of wild birds to your yard.

Bird Feeding Accessories

Learn how to mount your bird feeder and protect your bird feeder from squirrels.

Bird Houses, Bird Baths, and Native Plants

Attract birds by providing shelter, water, and a bird-friendly landscape.

Bird Safety

Provide a safe and clean environment for wild birds.

Bird Watching

Learn more about the tools for watching birds.

A Guide to Better Bird Feeding

The National Bird-Feeding Society is pleased to provide a Guide to Better Bird Feeding.


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