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Elemental Harmony at Your Station

It is true that all you need to attract the birds to your backyard is some seed tossed on the ground. Your feathered friends quickly will find the food source and come with all their relatives. But a good feeding system, like a work of art, becomes a source of pleasure for all. A balanced and beneficial feeding station is not difficult to create, requiring only some strategically positioned feeders. Incorporate a few basic principles of bird behavior to guide your efforts and you're on your way to a great deal of enjoyment.

An enjoyable bird feeding station depends on one thing: location. Instead of sticking your bird feeders haphazardly somewhere in the middle of the yard, you want them positioned so you have the best view through your favorite windows. Whatever you choose to do to make your yard more bird-friendly, match the elements to the needs of your feathered visitors...

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