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Winter Bird Feeding
Real Worries and Needless Concerns

Margaret Clark Brittingham, Ph.D

While a truly amazing number of North Americans feed the wild birds that fly through their yards, they often wonder if on balance they are helping or creating unnatural problems. As the final segment in this 11-part series on "The Dynamics of Bird Feeding," two professional biologists offer their answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:

"Do I need to feed birds continuously once I start?"

"Will birds become overly dependent on feeder food?"

"Will feeder birds stop migrating?"

"Does bird feeding give introduced species an advantage?"

"Are there some foods I should not feed to birds?"

"Are cats a problem?"

"Will other predators be attracted to my feeders?"

"Is disease a big problem at bird feeders?"

"What is the best way to reduce the risk of disease?"

"How can I keep birds from flying into my window?"

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