Wild Bird Junction
8455 Frederick St
Omaha NE

Wild Bird Junction was established in 1991 in Omaha, NE. Located at 8455 Frederick Street, it was one of the first businesses of it's kind in Omaha established solely for the purpose of providing top quality products for feeding, housing and distributing informational and educational materials for wild birds. We are committed to supporting organizations such as the National Bird-Feeding Society, the National Wildlife Federation and the Audubon Society in protecting one of our precious national resources. One of our main goals is to continually educate the public on the proper practices and techniques for attracting and feeding wild birds as well as developing and maintaining proper wildlife habitats. We want to help people get as much enjoyment out of this hobby as possible. As you have said, it is a hobby that is both enjoyable and educational. If we achieve these goals then we will have succeeded both as a business and a wildlife advocate.


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