K Feeders
1485 S County Trail
East Greenwich RI


In 1973, K-Feeders was started as a small family business run from the basement of Morton Blasbalg's home. The company has had tremendous success in gaining market share each year due to the QUALITY features and capability of maintaining very competitive price points. K-Feeders' first industrial space consisted of a mere 1,500 square feet of rental space. Within two years, however, it was moved to a 4,500 square foot space, which quickly moved to a 10,000 square foot space. Currently, K-Feeders operates out of an 88,000 square foot building with unsurpassable production capabilities! K-Feeders quickly grew and diversified business to wholesale distributors, primarily in the Lawn & Garden industry, as well as the pet industry. Direct programs and new drop ship programs are available for all wholesale distributors. Currently, there are over 50 different SKUs available. New Products for 2000: The new Snowflake Collection(tm) tubular feeders are as packed with features as they are durable. They have a squirrel-resistant, white PVC seed tube instead of the traditional clear polycarbonate tube. The new Snowflake Collection(tm) feeders for 2000 are as follows: * K1W - Sunflower Combo, * K2W - Thistle Feeder, * K1WG - Sunflower Combo with Forest Green Trim, * K2WG - Thistle Feeder with Forest Green Trim. Forest Collection(tm): Many of the traditional K-Feeders are also available in green as part of the Forest Collection(tm). These include the model K5G DELUXE Sunflower Combo and the model K7G DELUXE Thistle Feeder. This popular collection continues to grow with the addition of the new K1WG and the K2WG. There are currently 24 items in the Forest Collection(tm) since it was introduced in 1997.



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