Wild Birds Country Store
777 S Main St
Grt Barrington, MA 01230

Our mission is to bring you the highest quality products to help you attract and feed wild birds or to help you create a beautiful landscaped backyard habitat. We shop year round, from Maine to Berkshire County, to the West coast, going to birding, garden and gift shows. We presently buy from 189 vendors and we specialize in all birding and backyard nature and garden products. We only buy the best products, whether to attract more or different birds or to help squirrel proof your bird feeding areas. We can make many different product recommendations for you. Whether you own one feeder or are creating a wildlife sanctuary, we are here to help you. Bird Feeders from: Droll Yankees, Duncraft, Vari-Crafts, Heritage Farms, Coveside Conservation. Nesting houses of cedar and pine with elegant copper roofs and pine and birch basic houses. 12 varieties of seed and suet for birds, squirrel mix and corn and peanuts. Elegant and unique concrete, brass or natural stone drippers, deck, hanging or pole mounts. Squirrel and raccoon baffles. Windchimes, Bird Guide of Massachusetts and of New York. Eastern, western and European field guides. Instructional apes, thermometers, rain gauges, clocks, mugs, ornaments, pictures, vases and sculptures also available. Gift certificates always available.