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Birdola Products created the cake-feeding system for wild birds in 1988. Birdola is a two-pound cake of gourmet seeds held together with a natural protein binder. We are the original, and still the best, because: Quality: - BirdolaPLUS has been the birds' and birders' choice for over a dozen years because it contains a premium blend of gourmet seeds that will attract the widest variety of birds. Convenience - Our feeding system is easy and convenient. Simply unwrap the cake, insert it into one of our specially designed feeders and enjoy the variety of birds at your feeder. Bulk bags can be heavy, break open, and must be stored in a trash can to keep critters out. Just store Birdola in a cool, dry place (even the refrigerator). No Waste: Since BirdolaPLUS contais only wild birds' favorite seeds, there is little or no waste. Birds choose their favorite seed, and peck it from the cake. Many bulk mixes contain filler seeds that are kicked out of the feeder. This leaves a mess under the feeder. Healthy: Unlike platform feeders, birds land on perches, and cannot evacuate in the seeds, possibly spreading disease. We now add vitamins, minerals and electrolytes for wild birds' overall health and well-being. Birdola Products produces many seed mixes including Finch Black Gold, Woodpecker, Sunflower , Safflower , as well as Squirola for squirrels and other critters. All bird feed mixes are available in a "junior" size that fits in any suet feeder, or our wire feeder with patented fold-down perches (some birds require a perch to feed). Birdola Products also offers specially designed feeders for our cakes, plus Hummingbird and butterfly feeders as well as Hook-Up and Wild Bird Feeder Cleaner. Visit www.birdola.com for more information.


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