The Garden Spot
371 Railroad Ave.
Center Moriches, NY 11934

We carry a huge selection of Bird Feeders, Bird Houses and Bird Baths, not to mention everything imaginable to go along with them. We also carry a variety of paintable feeders and feeders made from indestructible recycled materials. Lyric Brand bird food is our main supplier. Lyric is a quality brand that is far superior to any other store bought bird food, especially your local supermarket! We offer three varieties of a general wild bird bix, Economy (good), Extra (better),and Supreme (our best). Specialty Mixes include Woodpecker Mix, Cardinal Mix, Chickadee Mix, Delite Mix (waste-free, all shelled seed) and a Finch Mix. We offer Cracked Corn, Safflower, Sunflower Kernels, Nyger Seed, Black-Oil Sunflower Seeds and a good selection of specialty Suet Cakes. We know feeding your feathered friends is not cheap, so we've instituted a frequent flyer card to help those soaring birding bills. Our staff is always eager to help out when it comes to questions or problems regarding your wild friends. Please stop in this winter and start feeding the birds!