Vancouver, WA 98661

Thrifty Feed & Garden is a full service supplier of wildbird and squirrel food, feeders and supplies. Located at 4207 St. Johns Rd, Vancouver, WA 98661, we are just one half mile north of State Route 508 and convenient to wildlife enthusiasts in SW Washington and Portland, Oregon. From bulk bins to 50 pound bags, we carry blackoil sunflower, sunflower chips, four wildbird seed mixes, peanuts - whole and shelled, pumpkin seeds, whole and cracked corn, corn-on-the cob, millet, nyjer thistle, mixed squirrel food, striped and large grey sunflowers, safflower seeds, pigeon food and dove food. Thrifty Feed & Garden features C & S suet, Nature's Cafe birdseeds and Purina and Albers animal and livestock feed. Visit our 'Backyard Niche' and view our great selection of bird and squirrel feeders featuring Woodlink feeders, solid cedar feeders including 'One Whole Earth', bird houses, bird baths, misters, Best One hummingbird feeders and garden ornaments. We offer specials such as quantity discounts on suet, and are proud of our customer service including loading your purchases. We also offer the time needed to answer your questions and assist you in finding what you need. We are happy to be members and supporters of the National Bird Feeding Society. Come and see us for all your wild bird, squirrel, caged bird, pet, livestock and gardening needs. Find us at (360) 695-7351; fax (360) 695-8319; e-mail thriftyfeed@juno.com

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